The Tide says bye

The Dolphins have shipped another good player
For draft picks who will become another later
They’ve lost a player named Fitzpatrick
Not the QB of pix-six stature

This was the one with Alabama pedigree.
Cause playing for a loser isn’t where he want to be.
Now the secondary will be more of a sieve
When the Fins tank, there’s more points to give.

For the teams that are actually trying
To make fans happy instead of the crying
For the fans who have suffered for decades on end
They can only tank because it’s the only way to win.

Getting that paper that has heavy stock
Of all the draft picks as if they were a lock.
To turn in players as good as Minkah
And not like the many who were found to be stinka

And those historians who wanted to suck for Luck
It turned out the Luck had run out and trucked
Some plans don’t work out like the signing of Suh.
Still having 8 million today that is due.
Even though for years his tenure was done
It was a contract where only one person won.

It’s time to party and bring out the streamers,
The Fins got more picks and continue to be dreamers.
And one day they will be on the board.
And prove that tanking will give a just reward,