Implore to not score

The Dolphins are putrid. It doesn’t matter whether they try to be competitively tanking or incompetently portraying a football team. But don’t tell the fans that the change of 59-10 to 43 – 0 week over week is an improvement? This is a team pretending to play a sport in the most illogical of strategies, tanking for a future? And to not score is improvement?

That’s what the radio broadcasters will tell you and did, in a predetermined script of a play call. The defense gave up less points. The special teams tackled better. But the only points the scored were two touchdowns for the other team. That’s not better.

No points means a certain impossibility of winning. They don’t have negative points except in fantasy football. And this Dolphin team is a fantasy in the most bizzaro of ways. The stands are as empty as for Marlin games, and they only have 8 appearances in a whole year, since there a chance in hell the playoffs are an option. The Patriots are already punching the dance card two games in.

Because they score. And they get better because the future is always now. The future is one game at a time with Tom Brady taking snaps. The Dolphins have stripped their players of the most obvious cliche of one game at a time. It’s one season at a time in Miami. One draft at a time. And many agent calls to get them out of Miami, at a time.

The exodus of commitment will corrode the feelings of the players, the tenacity of the agent calls, the threats of holding out for better situations. Miami has the lack of state tax and the nightlife, two built in advantages over other teams. But the most prolific free agent signing was a talented introvert whose friends with Warren Buffett. They don’t have game in or out of the arena.

And they can’t score which means they can’t compete and assuredly can’t win, with the players or public opinion, give or take shill broadcasters who think tanking is the best option. It’s an option Warren Buffett would sell on.