Standing Pat on Tanking

The Dolphins are tanking. The primary goal is to be a winner. It’s the right reason to strip it down but to win you must abstain. But the Stephen Ross long game is to be the absentee owner who cashes in when his investment is at peak value. He’s an investor and knows numbers. He is Jeffrey Loria with a pigskin and without votes.

He knew his investment would be worth more if the people paid to renovate the stadium. They did not. He thought bringing in Venus & Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as investors would bring more community and some infusion of social marketing. It did not. He thought adding better seating, better electronics, would add more excitement. No.

He thought bringing a HOF coach like Bill Parcells to run the team remotely would work. He thought his protegee Jeff Ireland would draft well. He thought Tony Sporano would coach well. He thought an OL coach who worked with Aaron Rodgers would win. He thought a quarterback whisperer would win. They did not.

He believed the advice on overpaying the best defensive player who likes Warren Buffet would be a leader. He took the advice of drafting a receiver who played 2 years at quarterback to start seven years would get him to the playoffs. And his coach in college would serve him best as Offensive Coordinator.

He thought leading RISE but organizing a Trump benefit would not invite questions. He interviewed Jim Harbaugh and let it leak for his present coach to hear from the media. He said his organization was the best at everything except playing football.

And now tanking is to be believed so the Fins have first dibs on a league not dominated by Bill Belechik and Tom Brady. So problem one is it’s football.

Most football players come from bad economic circumstances in the US. They have seen hard knocks in the US their entire life. It is all win every year for the most professional players . Baseball and Basketball have an infusion of players from South America, Mexico, Europe and the African continent. When they are learning, experiencing and enjoying America, they’re time table is less pressing about the game. It’s more about life. In football it’s all about the game. (Ben Simmons just decided to add a jump shot this offseason. For his team that tanked to win)..

Football players have more injuries caused by teammates making bad plays due to lack of talent, skill, intelligence, desire. Football players don’t have too much time to earn. They do not have time to prove their worth, especially when playing with inferior players. Winning helps earning power and tanking erodes their short span of time to make money. Ask Minkah Fitzpatrick.

The Dolphins are not the Houston Astros. Houston is so good at player procurement that the St. Louis Cardinals felt it WAS a good risk to take by spying on them. They were caught and punished. All nine players the Dolphins took in the 2013 draft are out of the league. They are not the Houston Astros.

They are the Dolphins and they are tanking. Dan Patrick says the fans should take the season off. The Heat is on.