Tanks, Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins own some real estate.
They’re 1000-1 in the Super Bowl space.

Not the kind of inventory you want to invest in.
Thats why your Miami Dolphins are-a-tankin.

They want to increase the value of their asset.
While making the fans grow more placid.

So they the best players become out of towners
While the rest of them play for one that flounders.

Getting buried by a shade over 50.
While scoring like they shop at the thrifty.

Like the baseball team owned by crooked art
Who got a new ballpark because of a collective brainfart.

This owner thinks he can trump those feats
But been there done that is a city with detes.

So he’s saving some money and hoping this plan
Will not fall flatter than Miami’s best flan.

But one thing we know after 20 or so years
We still see Marino through rear view mirrors.