AB is an XFL guy

Antonio Brown is an XFL guy.
He would take the league and make it fly.

Cause Antonio Brown is no longer a Raider.
Helmet games, cold feet, practice, and later.

He could keep his helmet and all of it’s glory
And no longer listen the Jon Gruden story.

That took place in Tampa with a ring theft of Dungy.
And parlayed to 100 million of Mark Davis’ money.

Or is it the investors in the city of Vegas?
The place made for dysfunction and stages.

‘Cause the Silver and Black have been losing for so long
The last time they won was with Gruden in Oaktown.

Save one season in the hands of Del Rio.
A causality of Davis’ callous libido.

So what he wanted was an old Gruden toy.
And how it plays out will be like a book from Tolstoy.

Now we have war with two divas and a Mayock.
And we will have peace when they get the flock out.

And be an anonymous loser just like the Dolphins.
Which makes the fans take more showers and rinses.

To scrub off the stench of year to year losing
And go to draft and let other teams abuse them.

And let Antonio play for the XFL.
‘Cause him and Vince would get along quite well.

With storylines and gimmicks and tables and ladders
The XFL is a circus, perfect for the AB sagas.

And the Steelers and Raiders can look from afar.
A sigh of relief from Big Ben and Carr.