Dolphins Wide-Out of Here

This is a tale of a major ineptness, and the Dolphins think tanking solves this recent messiness. Even when they get a name like Nate Orchard, they release the player and look like a forger. But when its in front of them they still cannot find, a solid football player who can handle the asinine. Unless it’s someone like Brian Hartline, who owns a Circle K now he’s not on the sideline. Who wants to play for this horror of Chambers? Except for Chris who was one of the decent members.

As has been the trend of the mammal, football playing in gray flannel, we come to the flea market of wide-outs, signed on as dreams and going out as dark clouds. Just like a flash like Ted Ginn Jr., we met your family but hardly knew ya. Then the yard was controlled by a Marshall, who couldn’t catch balls until he went to Chicago.

Then the deep balls went to Wallace, but usually too tall like he was a Oompa Lumpas. Cause of the erratic Tannehill, with a gun toting wife and a throw manual. He caused much calamity cause all he could throw were 5 yards to Landry. And he caught so much that he demanded a new deal. But instead of more money he shredded the teal. And when the Browns called, he picked up and ran. just like LeBron when he went to Cleveland.

Then there was the curious case of Rishard Matthews, who retired this year cause he wasn’t really used. But that wasn’t case when he was a Dolphin. But before the pour started, the Fins said “when”. And then there was the latest departure of Kenny Stills, with a lot of talent but also some ills, that showed in the dirt that was on his knees, when he would kneel, Ross was not pleased.

So the Dolphins cut bait along with a smoke master. That was a gamble by a ESPN sportscaster. Who pretended to be a GM who knew, how to build a franchise anew. And it’s 2019, 20 after Marino. And we have already said to this season, finito.