Where art thou, Dorian?

It’s not just a character from One Life to Live, although it’s contents may create a sieve and it’s not a picture with a last name Gray, or a show about anatomy or some sex expose. This is the latest storm to threaten the South, with the name Dorian and it looks like no slouch.

In fact it’s a Cat 3 which may change to Cat 4, heading to land by a certain mouse hole. Now what happens now and Sunday is unsure, it may center Miami or maybe Melbourne. Where it lands, it will probably pack a punch, with a windy center and an outside crunch. Not like a Nestle Crunch or a Twix, but turning ficus trees to a pile of twigs.

And now Florida is in a state of emergency, of course POTUS knows it’s in the confederacy. Cause he certainly plays to a certain audience, which Florida has with amazing abundance. And he would like to place the G7 and yet being a President is still hard to fathom. He has a lot in common with Dorian. He has a lot of wind and he loves visiting Florida.

And now the citizens are buying up the water, making the stores like a place of slaughter. And the peeps are filling up their gas tank, buying up Hawaiian Rolls and that old favorite, Spam. Not that gross pumpkin concoction, but the regular mold of halting byproduct. 

Hopefully will spared a full blow, and it will dissipate into the ocean floor. And allow us to enjoy the weekend, and give a thought to patriots no longer with us.