Sears not in Amazon transfer portal

For those who don’t know, his name is Jack. He started some games for the Trojan attack. He’s already degreed from Southern Cal, but he’s headed to El Portal, the transfer portal for athletes frustrated, with their playing time dilapidated.  But the headline also prompts a thought about Sears, about a department store and not just quarterback careers.

Do they exist and still make a profit? Or did they regress like their Husky line outfit? I hadn’t heard that brand in some time, until Sears the quarterback went to the back of the line. Of starting and running, handing and throwing, for OJ’s team who drafted Luck without knowing. It all goes to OJ, a noted two person slayer, whose reinvented himself as a fantasy player.

But back to Sears and this transfer portal, do the sell online and this is how you return an order? Cause thats how an older would read, that Sears figured out Amazon after years, or decades or possible millennium, which makes me think of Star Trek continuum. Where some use phasers to start a race only to be twarted by that portal of space, and then it disappears without a trace, the Starship Enterprise with that Captain Kirk face, the one where’s he’s about to go Shakespeare, then pauses his speech to go look in a mirror.

But let’s stop with momentary confusion and instead reflect this players resolution. To go where no man has gone before, to the transfer portal to request a return for one more year of throwing for sport and not to return that Husky ugly shirt.