Not Luck of the Irish

He was anything but plucky, and now we know he wasn’t lucky when to MRI to MRI, Andrew Luck knew it was his time. He was a little introspective, than his usual Colombo the investigator. Take that you fantasy football players who drafted a tree who had a few layers. And there were Colts who were the benefactors of knowing they will be quarterbacked by a lot of actors.

They will not measure to the gifts Luck had, like rearing back and rifling to pass to a back. Indianapolis never lined up the team, that Luck could count on like a pigskin seam. Cause he was eaten by Lions and Bears, cause they would eat him like he invaded their lair. And he was never protected like a possible legend, cause his first line of defense acted like duck season was in session.

And then when playing was likely remote, then Curtis Painter would apply a fresh coat. Of passes that often spelled backup, which is why Andrew was drafted first player up. Only to see his given up the fightin, and now whats left is a Texan or Titan, with Watt or Mariotta to win a division, that Luck would walk through with his passes of incision,

And the people that may miss him most of all, are not Colt fans but Dan LeBatard. Making humor of his caveman vernacular and his deep voice heard from miles and miles afar. And his last presser has now came to pass and the Colts are a jalopy that is now out of gas. Unless they are rescued by Jacoby Brissett. If your Colt fans, I wouldn’t hold your breath.


Published by Robin Hill

California born, South Florida bred using fingers to type, play, and cover my ears when needed from the outside noise.

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