Chain of Hurricane Fools

Unlike Hurricanes of a different name, this Miami franchise started just the same. With a chomp they’re hopes maybe shattered like the Rolling Stones song on a vinyl platter. The score of this game was 24-20 and of the turnovers, there seemed to be plenty. But if your looking for a recap of the game, follow the people who call Miami to shame.

The ones who said Mark Richt was to blame, and before him was not Golden but a shade of lame. And before that was a Shannon of Randy, that went the same route as electronics and Tandy. The truth it wasn’t the fault of Shalala or the late Paul Dee. It’s that wins against other colleges were no longer free. Because the competition became more fierce. And the best wasn’t Miami just looking in the mirror.

They’ve been looking up for a very long time but the fans hold them to a standard so asinine. As like Dorsey or James, Portis or Sean. Cause getting that talent is as good as gone. Alabama and Clemson come holding more sway and South Florida’s best choose another place to play. Gone are the days of having Uncle Luke, or Nevin Shapiro, even after the rebuke.

Then there’s Jimmy who thought something special even before a 62-7 dismantle. Don’t get it twisted, he got it much better, at the Miami college and not under Shula the mentor. He had his way as well as Erickson, until the Pell Grants undid his game plan. 

And the fans that lament the most, are the peeps who didn’t graduate, or not even a ghost, in the hallowed halls on the U of M campus. And they often don’t speak an unintelligible sentence. Like the second team they’re a pro fan of, playing football in the Republic Banana.

So don’t go apoplectic because of two chomps, and don’t act like a menagerie of chumps. The U may be still successful indeed, but the dreams of dominating must, at last, be let free.