Howard’s End

Not like a the movie of the same name, but Dwight Howard watch seems to be in the slow lane. How else can you muster the lack of bluster of a visit to LA for a possible second stay. The first was a train wreck agreed by all, and so his career has taken a freefall.

Once upon a time he wore a cape and flied like Superman and not Lois Lane. But that was when he had a bit of Magic and then thinks went south and touch bit tragic. All the meanwhile he was finding a lot of missy. He likes his family room really really busy. The load must of taken a toll on his back. And then there is Shaq, talking constant smack.

It may be a lot for a layman to take but when you’re once a young hero and then a Laker mistake. And here are after many teams later, trying to leave the Memphis hot plater. And maybe a duo with Lebron is destined. He who gave Stevenson a second chances. But Howard better not blow in his ear cause he is one step from calling it a career.