The Joe Killed The Radio Star

The Joe killed the radio star. And moved him to a podcast. The radio dial always seems too antiquated to last. And personalities come and go like New Yorkers through a turnstile. And before you know it, the memory slows and you don’t remember them for awhile.

Take the case of Josh Friedman, who was let go by a Miami station. I’ve been here twenty years and its always been his vocation. He goes back to a point in time of sarcastic misuse, when Neil Rogers made him the butt of a joke because of a rumored hygiene issue. But at that time it was ok cause Neil made you relevant, unless you were Howard David and you wore a toupee like muskrat.

Let go by a station named “The Joe”. A new name that is to give some more flow. But the name sounds like the child of some one dumb as rocks. The Joe sounds like something sloppy and personalities full of crocks. We don’t expect much from this iteration of this Miami sports talk station but I’m sure they need a talent like Josh that smells like a pit that people use to mosh.

Expecting to hear an expert voice but its absent now. And his radio voice is certainly one that should be heard somehow. I always got the sense that he was the one to show the ropes, to youngsters, some talented and some dopes. A lot of us get expedited cause of a reason or another. But radio seems especially cruel to a fan or show runner.

I hope Josh Friedman makes it back to an airways or podcast. Seems like his talent shouldn’t be on a flagship at half mast. And now we have regular scheduled  programming but with one less on the farm. Seems like Miami radio is losing a lot of its charm.