Foot in Helmet Disease

AB tends to work with many steps. They both contract and expand with reps. One is ballyhooed internal muscle and one is a ballyhooed receiver with hustle. Both like to admire the likes of adorers, though one has a fetish for helicopters.

Antonio displayed massive drama while in the P.A. and now he might land in a stadium near LA. Might meaning he might decide to walk. And one meaning Las Vegas might balk. About the Raiders being overvalued while the love is in the East Bay where the fans are being screwed.

But Brown is to report to train with his posse while he taps around his story like Bob Fosse. Now the team has said all-in or all-out.¬†Without his hat, he’s in full pout. First its said that he has cold feet. Threatening his status of being elite. Then it’s the helmet with size and shape. Blurring his vision while on his break. What next, we ask, from this prima donna? He belongs either in Vegas or crying to his Mama?

He’s come up from being without a home. It seemed like in Steeler town that he made it his own. But one disconnect, two disconnect, three and four. What does Gruden and the Raiders have in store? Gruden has a 10 spot of years on his deal. Thats 10 of Mahomes driving his defenses to squeal.

But back to AB cause he likes all the focus. Forget about quitting, that was all hocus pocus. He will dominate when he gets the ball, from a ball boy or incumbent Derek Carr. It wouldn’t be a drama if it wasn’t a wide receiver, the world is their oyster while the pain is with believers. And if he finds his helmet online, for a bounty of a practice helmet signed, then he will be a straight up magician, following the leagues mandate and condition. Instead of spray painting a hat as a primer, not a good look for a sideline to sideliner.

You think he will make the Raiders relevant. Remember Moss, Walker, Nelson, and that $ spent? They’ve been looking forever for a replacement Tim Brown. Guess what, the name is right but the attitude’s a frown.


Published by Robin Hill

California born, South Florida bred using fingers to type, play, and cover my ears when needed from the outside noise.

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