Kneeler not on the fence

When the music plays and the bombs burst in to air, there is more dissenters that may dare. Those that kneel to the preamble. Those who kneel who are not able. To voice their opinion or share their disdain, on how people are deported, muted or slain.  Like a Pan Olympian fencer who gloriously medals, if he opines then many say that he meddles. And has the dishonor of having to give back, his hard earned bounty while others attack…..

Innocent civilians cause their voices weren’t heard, they write manifestos and injure the herd, of people who visit a WalMart to shop, not thinking they’re targets about to be shot. Would it seem more American if an anthem was playing, while people screamed obscenities while simultaneously praying? While a white male terrorist takes the gun to aim, and fire at his victims to kill or at least maim?

In an arena for a sporting event, athletes protest a silence that’s loud. They’re ridiculed for sharing their thoughts in a country that’s proud. In having the 1st amendment which guarantees the right, to speak even though it appears to slight . Of the people who fought and died in the fight. On the left side as well as the right.

So the bad publicity is what an athlete will Garner, some think of Eric and kneel even harder. And what they give up is more valuable than fame. But, at the risk of getting a moment of shame. They get self respect for bringing attention. To the things that are wrong in this glorious nation.