Wimbledon White

There’s a tournament in London in case you hadn’t heard. It’s played on a grass court and there’s a lot of  tea stirred. It’s name is Wimbledon and it’s tradition is fluffy. Where the clothes and people could be construed as equally stuffy. And lets say that the people in attendance may not always be entirely resplendent.

I’m speaking to the people who are ebony in tone. If you feel outnumbered,, your not alone. If not family or player, you’re likely not there. Also if you have rhythm or your skin is not fair.  All of the players are instructed to dress white. dance poorly and be emotionally tight. If you speak out of turn, you’re greeted with a hush. And you’re seatmate is yelling at you to shush.

Don’t get me wrong, the tennis is entertaining. But to talk social issues would involve some mansplaining. Which means to pivot back to the tennis. And not discussing the watching the blacks perform fetish. Like that orange hair dumb dumb who employed the O’Jays, who is accustomed to giving unpresidential displays

But I digress to events over the pond. With a playing service that looks like your lawn. And if you view this tradition in rose colored glasses. It will be first noticed color  amongst these white masses.



The day after the  July 4 and we are left to wonder; are fireworks needed or are they cheap thunder?  Are they the triste thats always too short? Do they give comfort or must you comport?

Think to a time when it was a ritual to blow off some crackers or cut up some blow. When a park had an event and we all had to go. Now most do not know what a theme park is except where racists go to clench their fists. To say they have the biggest and best yoo ever seen. And the cold rain came and washed away the clown’s dream.

In cities all over the story was the same. The best fireworks krptonite is a torrent of rain. I propose the holiday should now institute rainworks,to clean up the streets and wash all the lands. And stop the people from hurting themselves and using the healthcare that paying people have. Cause the same people that voted for this fraud. Are the same people who think they’re entitled to it all.

Lets stop the injuries and getting people hyped for something thats a cheap bang and doesn’t last the night. This tradition has aged and we should send it to bed. Without supper and forever not spoon fed. With dreams that it will ever be what it once was. Fireworks are better with a quick bang and no mas.

Lee Iacocca

I learned that Iacocca had passed today. He restored faith in an institution. The Chrysler brand was like pollution. Not because the smog they emitted nor the cars that rarely transitted but that air that permeated the nation. That the rich could take a vacation.

And get a bailout from the President for running a business badly and getting a free hand. But then came Iacocca and with his steady calm, he convinced a nation to give a loan and save his auto nation. And somehow it was ok, it was suppose to happen. Then 30 years later Obama did the same and he ended up getting crapped on.

But he was a steady force and that you couldn’t deny. And he could sell the benefits of a hamburger to a vegan at any time. Lee Iacocca was a pioneer in a time that land forgot. Where people acted on their beliefs, dared the consequences and fought.

Jimmy Butler

There will be lot’s of “The Butler did it” in the land of paradise. And a lot of salons offering dope hair advice. It may be from the hairdresser who did Wade’s dreads. .But he becomes one of many who will tire of the constant threes. Put up by his backcourt mate, Philly Cheese.

But the only ones who will have to contend with Whiteside will now be in Portland getting fried. The Heat were all tired of his act and being tried.  Dame will be rapping about the ball not being passed or hearing about the koi pond and the money he’s amassed.

And Jimmy to contend with the legacy of Wade and the fortunes he made for the Heat in the NBA. So here is hoping it’s not a Wolve or Bull experience but one of fire for the dying fans existence.

Randle, Portis, and Gibson

James Dolan can’t be blamed for this. Kevin Durant signed with Brooklyn and not his Knicks. He went against wisdom and took a risk. And he wasn’t going to take another and play for the Knicks. Basketball players don’t play just for kicks. They play for rings and not the Knicks.

Jordan won six and was the best ever. But he owns the Hornets and was once a Wizard. And with those teams he hasn’t won jack. One reason is he has.had no partner to pick up the slack. And today’s players understand more than ever; if you want a ring, you need a group and to do it together.

Now Durant has a partner to run with when he is fully recovered who played in Boston with their youth he smothered. And they both decided on a team in another borough not owned by a failed folk singer. But they still have RJ and a slew of young players. And they have the best fans that trust money can buy.  But free agent period came and went. And the New York Knicks now have Randle, Portis, and Gibson.