Hothead Shift

The Reds and the Indians did a swap today in the league founded by Nelson Doubleday. One of the participants was a hothead named Puig and his last game he was fishing like Captain Queeg. Trying to find a place to connect, not on Tinder but for fists above the neck. He is anything but a stickball Dodger. He wants more contact than just a bat and ball ya.

And he gets swapped for a man named Bauer. His balls go over the fence but not like Joe Mauer. He hoisted one over the centerfield fence when he didn’t like what was happening and hence, he was shipped for not a player to be named later but for a hothesd whose career is a fader.

Players with tempers only go so far, take for instance Joaquin Andujar. He could throw a nice heater but his emotions caused him to always be a seether. And he was a talent who was an All Star but he more known for the land he would char,

Baseball could use more characters like him. Hell, any character cause the game is boring. Anything that replaces the snoring memes. Now it really resonates as a Field of Dreams.  But for one rage filled moment during the trade deadline. We had something interesting and not just sublime. Two players switched teams during the day. Two hotheads in a league of cold plays.