Real Miami Heat

The Miami Heat is not just a basketball team built by Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley. Its actually a Miami term about the sweat we perspire walking and talking on Miracle Mile.

It’s paradise’s version of smoldering heat. Not a basketball gym but an open air suite. The warmth penetrates the body so fast the car has to have A/C full blast. South Florida is own to be oppressive and not the Trump type which is dismissive of every human who isn’t fair skinned. He shouldn’t get much votes from Miami within.

Not only because of demo and gender. nor the obsession to be mas slender but mostly ev everybody turns brown from the sun’s rays in this hot summer town. Shows are named “Burn Notice” for a reason not because it’s “Grand Hotel” season. The show was named for a person of isolation like an ice cube hitting water with trepidation.

Hotel season really starts in November when natives give thanks and start to remember what it’s like to open a window or stepping outside to breath simple and on cue. And not huffing and puffing to blow a house down but just living not to see a surgeon gown.

So Miamian’s must survive another day of staggering heat and if on the way. a hurricane is threatening to come visit and board up the windows and hope we all miss it. And thank the cosmos for just the hot air from the atmosphere and the POTUS’s chair.