Lin Court of Opinion

Just saw a video with Jeremy Lin, a man with paper and a championship ring. He started his pro dream as a Golden State Warrior, and now he is a free agent worrier. Contending the league has given up on he, there lies the next chapter of chasing the dream. Ironically he should be celebrating a ring. Life must be complicated for Jeremy Lin.,

I should be writing on senseless violence in Gilroy town and not focused on Jeremy’s frown. But when a pro hooper lacks confidence and voices it publicly, it comes off like stench. And the parallels started with C. Anthony. Feel sorry for him and not Jeremy. Last I checked, they were two different players. Both let go by the Houston bricklayers.

One is a certain Hall of Famer, and the other is there if injury makes one lamer. And they both have our empathy if that’s’ the call, but didn’t they get paid a lot to ball? I don’t make a habit to complain about Knicks, but both are not exactly living in the sticks.

The narrative has been said again and again. For every Dwyane Wade, there’s a 1,000     Jeremy Lins. Unceremoniously let go to call it a career and have a lockerless life and grasping with fear. Of what to do without a sports profession. Look in the mirror and make a confession. And say you’re not the player you once were. Start a new chapter and spread the word.

About a cause or passion that you believe in, cause many will follow you, Jeremy Lin. You inspired many back in the day. They’ll listen and you’ll will be able to sway, people to do good and make better choices and not listen to those inner voices. That say when angry to pick up a gun and go to Gilroy and kill someone’s son.

Good luck in your continued journey to find the true worth. Maybe you’re worth more off the basketball court. We know you’re looking for answers within. Hope you find them, Mr. Jeremy Lin.