Box Cut

It was a Saturday seemingly welcome diversion. There was no work to cause exertion. Just watching the boob tube as it was called and I’m not trying to offend a group, y’all. CBS, one of the big three at the tine who now goes dark for requesting a dime was televising what at the dime was an innocuous event of two people beating each other’s head.

One boxer lived up to his name Boom Boom and the other would eventually land in a tomb, Cause for 14 rounds of what seemed like a hundred, Duk Koo Kim’s head was needlessly punished. Because he was a warrior but some sane person should have called no more. And, of course, he passed too soon and that started the boxing swoon.

Networks stopped carrying the fights and people asked about a fighters rights. Make others act faster on behalf of a contender before theres a wake, service and mass.  Eventually much later UFC would reign and people craving violence could watch a night of cage-in.

But we were reminded in an underbelly of sorts, not one but two boxers became a corpse. Dadashev and Santillan were the lateest names fighting until their last breath remains. We are all numb who watch the fight game. The more things change the more they stay the same.