Bruiser Brody

Just saw a doc on  Bruiser Brody and I found was a tragic story. Not like children locked despite their yells who will be recruited for sleeper cells. Nor the citizens without healthcare whose face an early death stare. Although that’s what happened to a man named Frank who was at the wrong place to be a Yank.

Wrestlers sign up for a lot more than cash. They have to medicate and sometimes they crash. Or they tour a lot more than they want or can or maybe get stabbed by a wrestler man? Least that was the conclusion most people thought that Invader One had carried out the plot. For some dispute that involved  some land that wasn’t a squared circle or a ring in Japan.

To a wrestler the only day in court, involves a ring in the guise of a pretend sport, unless it’s a bout like Brody and One when it gets personal and involves a weapon. And Brody may have been culpable with his Bruiser nature unlike Lanny Poffo. I found a the silence of Abdullah The Butcher was actually louder than Mean Gene with Lips of Thunder.

Its worth a watch especially for those who grew up watching a fake TV show. And found Bruiser Brody a peculiar fellow, that maybe in the ring displayed a loose screw but Dutch said he was actually a smart dude.

Who didn’t appear to get his day in court. The judge played faster than <b>Paul Manafort. But who appears to get a fair shake especially considering the latest in this Puerto Rico state?

But view it yourself and see what you think and let me know by clicking the comment link. 🙂