The word “refuse” can mean two vital things, but they are intertwined depending upon mood swings. One is the right to disregard an option and one is the result of a bodily function.

Funny how both can coincide, in one piece about San Francisco Bayside.  About an elevator used for a train, that seems to accumulate a lot of pee stains. And now they will employee a house person, for a steel box to stop urine immersion. Now this isn’t a wine train in Sonoma. This is BART with riders like Pamplona. Running away from the bulls in the streets. Now BART has people to clean up the shit.

That people don’t know what to do with before getting on a train to head due north or maybe a trip to the East Bay. While the house people are in charge to feng shue. A steel box to carry passengers, to their moving wheels or transfers.

Now house people in the elevator rules, stop people from wanting to refuse.  To use a bathroom with a urinal. Instead of an elevator to the second floor. And when you’re in the Embarcadero, refuse to poo in the elevator.

Cause this has become a rampant problem. Crapping in places where people should be calm. Right before a train derails. Or the destination time is late without fail. At least thats what I remember when riding the BART. Its like being stuck in a 30 minute fart.

But here in South Florida, BART would be king. You could actually go places other when your not AMTRAK-ing. But here we just ride a bus, cause the people we elected are stupid mother whoops!

Anyway to the Bay where my heart will stay even where the people piss causes dismay. Enough to employ a house person, for a steel box to stop urine immersion.