It’s a u-turn. It’s a horseshoe. It’s an unnatural road move. I see it, being maneuvered at the wrong time by a goober.

Its a symptom of the fast pace. We need solace in our happy place.  But when did that include u-turns? Moving on red light burns.

Crazy town, on the pavement. Makes me want jump on the A train. Except that, I’m in Miami where the rail sucks and I’m being kind.

So back to the funky use of the U-turn. Should this be where u earn, .  A license on a driving test. Don’t leave it up to a guess. Unless you want to be walkin. Instead of flippin off another car and…..

Getting on with a fist fight cause you didn’t observe that red light. And you flunked that dumb test while all of the idiots are on the road, yes.