Tricky Ricky

When a protester has his car bombed by a police detonation. Is it the right time to listen as a nation? Isn’t the mouthpiece have more in his holster than talking about Pageants and the supposed wealth he bolsters?

While people are left in cages out the border, the PR has a  governor who acts like a hoarder. Mismanaging a country rife with corruption and he wants to collect a check while doing almost nothing. This situation has been calling for some action. Since Maria hit the island there still is no traction. Water left in abandoned trailers, a spotty electrical grid. Only oxygen and that is limited.

It’s been 2 years and the wind that’s remaining is not from a hurricane but the gente and they’re gaining. In numbers to push for some cambia but Ricky no eschucha cause he wants un nueva dia. And while food and supplies rotted in the  crates, POTUS forgot PR was part of the states.

But you can only blame the apprentices that worked with him before. All 43 left in a half term and there will be a lot more. He pledged he is the best thing that Puerto Rico has ever known. This is the man whose aid was paper towels thrown.

Now a search warrant is issued to give up his telephone and Tricky Ricky will have a harder time staying on his throne. This was first reported by Andrew Scurria of the WSJ. But follow David Begnaud in every second of the day. He has covered this story since it’s inception and he is the voice to trust as we wait for the Ricky ejection.

Let’s voice or meditate for this sad chapter to end and let Puerto Rico rise and let the healing FINALLY begin.