The Rush

Why do people rush so much, what is all the hurry? Can’t we take our time instead of acting viral and scurvy? The wheels climbing curbs and falling in canals and climbing trees when the drivers are anals. Screaming at each other when they aren’t on their phone and targeting like an agitator operating a drone. This is what happens when the focus is waylaid. You get Candy crushed and DOA and a hole where you are laid.

There was a time when people weren’t so harried. Running down the court like the Manimal Kenneth Faried. But those were days with less storms and more calms and people talked to people instead of mumbling their psalms. So many pressures in so many places. Like how can we watch so many programs in a time a lot less spacious.

Before we know it we’ve played twenty hours of games without sustenance. Then we go to Publix and in public we smell like mustiness. And rush our order so we can eat in two seconds, before racing home and shouting excitation’s.

Don’t expect perfection from a person feeling rushed. Some deal by slowing the roll and getting sloshed or kushed. The people who are kind usually keep things in perspective. And as a human race we should keep a guiding objective.

Do onto others as u wish done to you. And try to stop rushing as if its the only truth.