Blissful Sunday

Blissful is the morning after the storm came down. The torrent of rain that washed over the town. And then came the fresh start a waylaid Sunday morning bequeath. After the fortnite and a bed lacking sleep.

We think of new beginnings as something so grand. But it is often mundane like a desett of sand. But the journey is fraught with fear and fright. Then we find the prickly cactus and through peers light.

In the heat comes an eventual point, when what was right was shit and what’s wrong is gold. The power it takes to move toward that pivot is the gushing of relief when opening that spigot. Letting those feelings when dormant with regret.  Become free with startling candor and repent.

And Sunday came and all became new. The air once again fresh and the sky crystal blue. Whether a temple or God’s green earth, make the time count and may your life experience rebirth.