There’s a new film in town that may be as fresh, as the actors who are built out of mesh. Or any of the devices plastic surgeons use, the solutions to youth that people behold. But you have to be a Maverick to be Tom Cruise. He’s been on flick longer then POTUS in orange hue.

There was a debate on what make Tom tick. Is it Scientology or is he taking the mick? Because he is short or a tad bit loony, jumping on a couch with talk show Winfrey. What ever is said, he keeps in great shape, acting the impossible or eating Gilbert Grape. No, that’s the wrong role occupied by Depp, another mysterious soul whose paths intersect.

They both are known for their acting prowess along with suspected motives with girlfriends and spouses. Both a divergent path to the aging process. One seems active and the other uses a wine faucet.

But this is a focus on one who flies fast, jumps from buildings and trains till he’s gassed. There is other explanations on why he is youthful. There’s money, time and the need to be useful.  But one thing you cannot escape. His outlook helps because of his physical shape.

Some can speak to his outworldly influence but he has dedication and a young infusion. Starting with healthy beats of the heart per minute and the endorphins of happy ego synthesis. And nothing replaces the power of work, worthiness and good spirit and the sort.

So let’s come together and celebrate this old relic. Not Tom Cruise or even Tom Selleck. But the Top Gun reboot that finally came to pass. Like a gallstone move or a combustion of gas. And surely Maverick is must see TV even though its pimped as a big time movie. And this acting wonder has done it again. Remaining relevant while being a centurion. J/K, he is not a Roman commander. He is Tom Cruise, the somewhat aging wonder.