The Squad

Who is the person who called out “The Squad”? Is it the leader whose actually a fraud? Who name calls all who he abhors? Who looks in his mirror and says Que Calor? It’s the once underground racist whose supported by statesmen who don’t care about country but about their next bounty. Like Rubio calling a party Anti-Semitic while sweating the booty to NRA rhetoric.

They watch people jailed in the worst conditions but there is no such racist predispositions. Cause this was caused by Obama, they say. So therefore not racist in any way. Except POTUS 44 never caused these conditions. It was number 45 and his silent minions.

And who name calls the squad in these tweets? Is it a teenager or a zealot who prays? Someone who reads seventies comic books or anything with pictures with few lighter notes? But it comes from one orange haired bully who has 250 res who dress like a stoolie.