White Dress

Fancy meeting this feeling on the way to work, getting a mind jolt, a Monday morning twerk. Thinking of how you adorned that white dress. And then an asylum of my head was a mess. Usually liking a red, or a blue, but white was clean and pristine and you.

In a setting where I expected a casual affair, you dressed up for prom and I immediately was not there. Transported to a time when I was giddy, gossiping and awkward about this hot babe I had met afterward. The eyes were wide, busting at the seams and the way the fabric hugged was the magic in my dreams. And you came of looking incredibly clean, like eyes in Clearasil or a mouth bathing in Listerine. At the moment of sight I was left incorrigible by the look that countered a personality so adorable. 

And now you’ve taken on the image of a predator and offered my mind another metaphor. But it is the beauty of you, my dear. The growth, the change, the having no fear. And although I’d like another moment with that dress on. I’d much rather see what this new attitude will spawn.