Chris Paul

So the last domino to fall was CP3, traded from the Rockets to OKC. They were the team who were postulated.  To kill the behemoth by the bay but instead it was the Clippers who came closer, I say. In the end, they did no harm and they made a few bucks shilling for State Farm.

And to those with sorrow in Heat Nation, there will be Justise and they saved face and….when Russ gets a couple of years older, that contract will get a tad bit moldier. And Morey had to make one last swing to compliment his All Star, no defense wing. Cause Chris Paul couldn’t and Harden wouldn’t and Coach can’t coach what he shouldn’t. What scheme wins when its five on four. You better score points cause your giving up a lot more.

Chris Paul will go down as a Hall of Famer, but unfortunately he’s been down cause of physical labor. He is unable to play louder than his bark anymore, making him overpaid when whats needed is more. The Rockets have gotten more turbo in their jets and their press will be feistier, at least theres a chance.

And there won’t be a boy to take all of the Thunder when Paul’s best compliment is a banger from down under. And I can’t help thinking there’s a city that’s winking and liking this sweet revenge. From Seattle was this team stolen where they were once golden and that world championship still lays (and not owned by any (Clay’s).