Pat Riley has always played for the whale like Alonzo and Shaq and some LA Laker but now he is looking at a different bear, a former UCLA Bruin with the grizzly stare. He’s worth a look just because of his outfits styled from Italy with a flair from St. Kitts.

So how does Russell Westbrook on the basketball court? He’s an enigma of the super skilled sort. For a team player he can be a tad secular and like his leaps, his rage goes highly perpendicular. Like his forays to the hoop and his chasm with fans and screams of next question in press corp land.

Miami would be a fresh start for this mercurial player but that contract makes it hard for the Heat to be a payer. For as much of player Russ can and will be, the money owed to him is a enormous fee.

So lets pay our respects to the 2021 class cause if we get Westbrook we’ll be sucking ass with no guarantee we’ll be top 4 and certainly behind a Buck or Raptor.


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