Juiced Balls

Baseball is swinging their swizzle stick not capturing the imagination of Reggie stirring the drink. It’s the spectacle that centers around the juiced ball debate when the game travels back to 1998. When all the sluggers increased their body mass while the news centered on a ball getting fast.

The game had two directions to go to juice their flailing interest and more. They could’ve went Avengers and changed the game but went with old tried true and shame. Watching the stars hit moonballs in the sky while choosing to be deaf dumb and blind. And pretend that what we see is not a redux of stars that juiced and didn’t give two fucks (or chasing big bucks).

While McGwire tries to coach and not talk about the past and Sosa has decided to have the face of a white cast. The fans are fed the equipment is to blame for the balls going out like a grapefruit league game. But what we suspect is like 1998 where the game goes into a little self hate.

Where is the beauty of hitting a grounder when the athletes can juice and all be a Bronx Bomber. While all the owners look the other way cause hitting home runs slows down the decay. Of a game that lives up to the word pastime. Like its past time to adapt a new line. And stop putting band aids on things that are broken and realize theres a reason your fans are being stolen.

The games are too long with soo much to do with technology, AR,  and entertainment to consume. Pick up the pace and move much faster and stop the sluggish delays as like setting plaster.

So the Derby is over and we can take a nap. Will baseball fall again for this 1998 trap? Choose this temporary fix and we’ll be fearing another embarrassment and congressional hearing.