Get them paid

The beauty of the loss by the USA men is that the marquee of soccer is owned by the red, white and blue women. And one person who can shut up the tweets of orange hair glow is the magnificence of one Megan Rapinoe. She led the charge on the field and off, Her play did the talking and she got Trump to shut up.

And now a sports fan can move to a wicket but before that lets walk through the thicket. And talk about what was proven fortnight squared. And how the men and the women’s results had convincingly fared.

Its clear the ladies deserve their own stage so let them not tangle with men of greater fame. As has been proven, they are a great draw. And unlike Messi, they don’t get tossed and fall. And how we pay them what they obviously deserve for being far superior then those who failed AGAIN to Mexico.

Not only is their play more to masterclass and they also got Mr, Orange to shut his phat ass. But they inspire soo much youth to be better, to be themselves and act as mentors. That is what we should teach today and for those reasons, they need to get paid.

So the epitaph was they won and they shut up phat pie hole. And getting them paid should be easy as they score goals.