Wimbledon White

There’s a tournament in London in case you hadn’t heard. It’s played on a grass court and there’s a lot of  tea stirred. It’s name is Wimbledon and it’s tradition is fluffy. Where the clothes and people could be construed as equally stuffy. And lets say that the people in attendance may not always be entirely resplendent.

I’m speaking to the people who are ebony in tone. If you feel outnumbered,, your not alone. If not family or player, you’re likely not there. Also if you have rhythm or your skin is not fair.  All of the players are instructed to dress white. dance poorly and be emotionally tight. If you speak out of turn, you’re greeted with a hush. And you’re seatmate is yelling at you to shush.

Don’t get me wrong, the tennis is entertaining. But to talk social issues would involve some mansplaining. Which means to pivot back to the tennis. And not discussing the watching the blacks perform fetish. Like that orange hair dumb dumb who employed the O’Jays, who is accustomed to giving unpresidential displays

But I digress to events over the pond. With a playing service that looks like your lawn. And if you view this tradition in rose colored glasses. It will be first noticed color  amongst these white masses.