The day after the  July 4 and we are left to wonder; are fireworks needed or are they cheap thunder?  Are they the triste thats always too short? Do they give comfort or must you comport?

Think to a time when it was a ritual to blow off some crackers or cut up some blow. When a park had an event and we all had to go. Now most do not know what a theme park is except where racists go to clench their fists. To say they have the biggest and best yoo ever seen. And the cold rain came and washed away the clown’s dream.

In cities all over the story was the same. The best fireworks krptonite is a torrent of rain. I propose the holiday should now institute rainworks,to clean up the streets and wash all the lands. And stop the people from hurting themselves and using the healthcare that paying people have. Cause the same people that voted for this fraud. Are the same people who think they’re entitled to it all.

Lets stop the injuries and getting people hyped for something thats a cheap bang and doesn’t last the night. This tradition has aged and we should send it to bed. Without supper and forever not spoon fed. With dreams that it will ever be what it once was. Fireworks are better with a quick bang and no mas.