Lee Iacocca

I learned that Iacocca had passed today. He restored faith in an institution. The Chrysler brand was like pollution. Not because the smog they emitted nor the cars that rarely transitted but that air that permeated the nation. That the rich could take a vacation.

And get a bailout from the President for running a business badly and getting a free hand. But then came Iacocca and with his steady calm, he convinced a nation to give a loan and save his auto nation. And somehow it was ok, it was suppose to happen. Then 30 years later Obama did the same and he ended up getting crapped on.

But he was a steady force and that you couldn’t deny. And he could sell the benefits of a hamburger to a vegan at any time. Lee Iacocca was a pioneer in a time that land forgot. Where people acted on their beliefs, dared the consequences and fought.