Hothead Shift

The Reds and the Indians did a swap today in the league founded by Nelson Doubleday. One of the participants was a hothead named Puig and his last game he was fishing like Captain Queeg. Trying to find a place to connect, not on Tinder but for fists above the neck. He is anything but a stickball Dodger. He wants more contact than just a bat and ball ya.

And he gets swapped for a man named Bauer. His balls go over the fence but not like Joe Mauer. He hoisted one over the centerfield fence when he didn’t like what was happening and hence, he was shipped for not a player to be named later but for a hothesd whose career is a fader.

Players with tempers only go so far, take for instance Joaquin Andujar. He could throw a nice heater but his emotions caused him to always be a seether. And he was a talent who was an All Star but he more known for the land he would char,

Baseball could use more characters like him. Hell, any character cause the game is boring. Anything that replaces the snoring memes. Now it really resonates as a Field of Dreams.  But for one rage filled moment during the trade deadline. We had something interesting and not just sublime. Two players switched teams during the day. Two hotheads in a league of cold plays.

Real Miami Heat

The Miami Heat is not just a basketball team built by Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley. Its actually a Miami term about the sweat we perspire walking and talking on Miracle Mile.

It’s paradise’s version of smoldering heat. Not a basketball gym but an open air suite. The warmth penetrates the body so fast the car has to have A/C full blast. South Florida is own to be oppressive and not the Trump type which is dismissive of every human who isn’t fair skinned. He shouldn’t get much votes from Miami within.

Not only because of demo and gender. nor the obsession to be mas slender but mostly ev everybody turns brown from the sun’s rays in this hot summer town. Shows are named “Burn Notice” for a reason not because it’s “Grand Hotel” season. The show was named for a person of isolation like an ice cube hitting water with trepidation.

Hotel season really starts in November when natives give thanks and start to remember what it’s like to open a window or stepping outside to breath simple and on cue. And not huffing and puffing to blow a house down but just living not to see a surgeon gown.

So Miamian’s must survive another day of staggering heat and if on the way. a hurricane is threatening to come visit and board up the windows and hope we all miss it. And thank the cosmos for just the hot air from the atmosphere and the POTUS’s chair.


Lin Court of Opinion

Just saw a video with Jeremy Lin, a man with paper and a championship ring. He started his pro dream as a Golden State Warrior, and now he is a free agent worrier. Contending the league has given up on he, there lies the next chapter of chasing the dream. Ironically he should be celebrating a ring. Life must be complicated for Jeremy Lin.,

I should be writing on senseless violence in Gilroy town and not focused on Jeremy’s frown. But when a pro hooper lacks confidence and voices it publicly, it comes off like stench. And the parallels started with C. Anthony. Feel sorry for him and not Jeremy. Last I checked, they were two different players. Both let go by the Houston bricklayers.

One is a certain Hall of Famer, and the other is there if injury makes one lamer. And they both have our empathy if that’s’ the call, but didn’t they get paid a lot to ball? I don’t make a habit to complain about Knicks, but both are not exactly living in the sticks.

The narrative has been said again and again. For every Dwyane Wade, there’s a 1,000     Jeremy Lins. Unceremoniously let go to call it a career and have a lockerless life and grasping with fear. Of what to do without a sports profession. Look in the mirror and make a confession. And say you’re not the player you once were. Start a new chapter and spread the word.

About a cause or passion that you believe in, cause many will follow you, Jeremy Lin. You inspired many back in the day. They’ll listen and you’ll will be able to sway, people to do good and make better choices and not listen to those inner voices. That say when angry to pick up a gun and go to Gilroy and kill someone’s son.

Good luck in your continued journey to find the true worth. Maybe you’re worth more off the basketball court. We know you’re looking for answers within. Hope you find them, Mr. Jeremy Lin.

Box Cut

It was a Saturday seemingly welcome diversion. There was no work to cause exertion. Just watching the boob tube as it was called and I’m not trying to offend a group, y’all. CBS, one of the big three at the tine who now goes dark for requesting a dime was televising what at the dime was an innocuous event of two people beating each other’s head.

One boxer lived up to his name Boom Boom and the other would eventually land in a tomb, Cause for 14 rounds of what seemed like a hundred, Duk Koo Kim’s head was needlessly punished. Because he was a warrior but some sane person should have called no more. And, of course, he passed too soon and that started the boxing swoon.

Networks stopped carrying the fights and people asked about a fighters rights. Make others act faster on behalf of a contender before theres a wake, service and mass.  Eventually much later UFC would reign and people craving violence could watch a night of cage-in.

But we were reminded in an underbelly of sorts, not one but two boxers became a corpse. Dadashev and Santillan were the lateest names fighting until their last breath remains. We are all numb who watch the fight game. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Bruiser Brody

Just saw a doc on  Bruiser Brody and I found was a tragic story. Not like children locked despite their yells who will be recruited for sleeper cells. Nor the citizens without healthcare whose face an early death stare. Although that’s what happened to a man named Frank who was at the wrong place to be a Yank.

Wrestlers sign up for a lot more than cash. They have to medicate and sometimes they crash. Or they tour a lot more than they want or can or maybe get stabbed by a wrestler man? Least that was the conclusion most people thought that Invader One had carried out the plot. For some dispute that involved  some land that wasn’t a squared circle or a ring in Japan.

To a wrestler the only day in court, involves a ring in the guise of a pretend sport, unless it’s a bout like Brody and One when it gets personal and involves a weapon. And Brody may have been culpable with his Bruiser nature unlike Lanny Poffo. I found a the silence of Abdullah The Butcher was actually louder than Mean Gene with Lips of Thunder.

Its worth a watch especially for those who grew up watching a fake TV show. And found Bruiser Brody a peculiar fellow, that maybe in the ring displayed a loose screw but Dutch said he was actually a smart dude.

Who didn’t appear to get his day in court. The judge played faster than <b>Paul Manafort. But who appears to get a fair shake especially considering the latest in this Puerto Rico state?

But view it yourself and see what you think and let me know by clicking the comment link. 🙂


The word “refuse” can mean two vital things, but they are intertwined depending upon mood swings. One is the right to disregard an option and one is the result of a bodily function.

Funny how both can coincide, in one piece about San Francisco Bayside.  About an elevator used for a train, that seems to accumulate a lot of pee stains. And now they will employee a house person, for a steel box to stop urine immersion. Now this isn’t a wine train in Sonoma. This is BART with riders like Pamplona. Running away from the bulls in the streets. Now BART has people to clean up the shit.

That people don’t know what to do with before getting on a train to head due north or maybe a trip to the East Bay. While the house people are in charge to feng shue. A steel box to carry passengers, to their moving wheels or transfers.

Now house people in the elevator rules, stop people from wanting to refuse.  To use a bathroom with a urinal. Instead of an elevator to the second floor. And when you’re in the Embarcadero, refuse to poo in the elevator.

Cause this has become a rampant problem. Crapping in places where people should be calm. Right before a train derails. Or the destination time is late without fail. At least thats what I remember when riding the BART. Its like being stuck in a 30 minute fart.

But here in South Florida, BART would be king. You could actually go places other when your not AMTRAK-ing. But here we just ride a bus, cause the people we elected are stupid mother whoops!

Anyway to the Bay where my heart will stay even where the people piss causes dismay. Enough to employ a house person, for a steel box to stop urine immersion.


It’s a u-turn. It’s a horseshoe. It’s an unnatural road move. I see it, being maneuvered at the wrong time by a goober.

Its a symptom of the fast pace. We need solace in our happy place.  But when did that include u-turns? Moving on red light burns.

Crazy town, on the pavement. Makes me want jump on the A train. Except that, I’m in Miami where the rail sucks and I’m being kind.

So back to the funky use of the U-turn. Should this be where u earn, .  A license on a driving test. Don’t leave it up to a guess. Unless you want to be walkin. Instead of flippin off another car and…..

Getting on with a fist fight cause you didn’t observe that red light. And you flunked that dumb test while all of the idiots are on the road, yes.



It was white until white became frowned upon. It was french until America claimed ownership by shortening(?) the name. It’s mayonnaise, the edible not the audible (Smashing Pumpkins). 

Mayo has been reinventing itself like other healthy foods like potato chips and soda. It use to be creamy or the worst version of a Miracle. Olive oil, chipotle, avocado oil, safflower oil. But it’s oil and not the crude kind that made millionaires in Texas. 

Some have a sandwich with mayonnaise while others have mayo with a sandwich. Is it a sensory issue to paint every crevice of a bun with cream? Made with eggs but with no thought of claiming a protein benefit? Is it surprising it hasn’t gone the way of cigarettes if only because of no concern of second hand lard? In my world, dressing is a form of vaping off the spread.

When I was growing up, mayo made with avocado made a great guac. As we get older, we give up on these childish games and go salsa. Arteries need blood and not blockage. If you can carry extra pounds and want a quick fix that doesn’t involve starving or ingesting a supplement that contains a coffee pot of caffeine? 

You start with exercise then aim off the white stuff. Try a little tenderness Or extra mustard. 

Tricky Ricky

When a protester has his car bombed by a police detonation. Is it the right time to listen as a nation? Isn’t the mouthpiece have more in his holster than talking about Pageants and the supposed wealth he bolsters?

While people are left in cages out the border, the PR has a  governor who acts like a hoarder. Mismanaging a country rife with corruption and he wants to collect a check while doing almost nothing. This situation has been calling for some action. Since Maria hit the island there still is no traction. Water left in abandoned trailers, a spotty electrical grid. Only oxygen and that is limited.

It’s been 2 years and the wind that’s remaining is not from a hurricane but the gente and they’re gaining. In numbers to push for some cambia but Ricky no eschucha cause he wants un nueva dia. And while food and supplies rotted in the  crates, POTUS forgot PR was part of the states.

But you can only blame the apprentices that worked with him before. All 43 left in a half term and there will be a lot more. He pledged he is the best thing that Puerto Rico has ever known. This is the man whose aid was paper towels thrown.

Now a search warrant is issued to give up his telephone and Tricky Ricky will have a harder time staying on his throne. This was first reported by Andrew Scurria of the WSJ. But follow David Begnaud in every second of the day. He has covered this story since it’s inception and he is the voice to trust as we wait for the Ricky ejection.

Let’s voice or meditate for this sad chapter to end and let Puerto Rico rise and let the healing FINALLY begin.


The Rush

Why do people rush so much, what is all the hurry? Can’t we take our time instead of acting viral and scurvy? The wheels climbing curbs and falling in canals and climbing trees when the drivers are anals. Screaming at each other when they aren’t on their phone and targeting like an agitator operating a drone. This is what happens when the focus is waylaid. You get Candy crushed and DOA and a hole where you are laid.

There was a time when people weren’t so harried. Running down the court like the Manimal Kenneth Faried. But those were days with less storms and more calms and people talked to people instead of mumbling their psalms. So many pressures in so many places. Like how can we watch so many programs in a time a lot less spacious.

Before we know it we’ve played twenty hours of games without sustenance. Then we go to Publix and in public we smell like mustiness. And rush our order so we can eat in two seconds, before racing home and shouting excitation’s.

Don’t expect perfection from a person feeling rushed. Some deal by slowing the roll and getting sloshed or kushed. The people who are kind usually keep things in perspective. And as a human race we should keep a guiding objective.

Do onto others as u wish done to you. And try to stop rushing as if its the only truth.