Reports are rampant that there is a Fyre. It was out of control but not overcome by flames. It was the new kid on the block, the premier hip hop experience in Europe but instead played pyramid games.

Vestiville was to have ASAP Rocky, Cardi B and Migos. The people instead were greeted with signs lacking libidos. Lack of security was cited as a possible explanation. But the people out of money and weekend are still waiting for citation.

Look who is the symbol of Fyre and also part of this latest scam? Ja Rule was slated to appear and if you believe that, then DAMN! If his name doesn’t tell you to look another direction, are you ready for a sudden and unannounced defection?

What happened to the Woodstocks, the Paloozas instead of the Festivals that are abject losers? Please people, do your homework and prevent more forest Fyres and before becoming buyers.

#saturdaythoughts #saturdaymorning