Don’t come up hostile and with a unseemly amount of baggage. I’m here to help you forget what brought you here. Think of your favorite comfort food that you packed in your satchel and tell me what it is and I’ll put it into two slices of bread.

Do you want me to spread it thin or cake it on the surface? Do you want it cold your heated like a furnace? What is your preference as I am here to attest cause you are here for a reason and I want to make it the best.

Was it something at work or did it happen inside your house? Tell me how to best combat your fear or arouse. Is it something that can we worked out by exertion. Or does it gnaw to deeply to leave with a diversion?

You’ll have to deal with it sooner or later so why not try the help of a counter persuader? I likely carry what your body and mind may wish. But your long term health will need more than a sandwich.