Aging to a crawl

When I lean in the pool and water is cold, I move forward as the barrier is not too bold. The water cleanses and invites, it never threatens other than a quick nip (or bite). Moving slowly, grabbing toward the end and ultimate breath, I think of the crawl that I previously met.

Without a purpose other than to live the day and being in a constant fog and getting in my way. Constantly in a flux and laying in wait for something to titillate me before it was too late. This continues to be a state I am in but slowing the process down in the pool I’m in.

Many analysts said that swimming slows aging, of which I believe is factual. But what draws it to me is actually more natural. It soothes the rough edges and it puts me in time out. From all of the wiring and tiring and roundabout. It makes me sharper without having a growl and it puts my body in a state I enthrall.

Especially in South Florida in this ninety degree heat, one should consider this clothing optional act. Get in a pool and move your limbs, after the day or before prelims. I promise prospective that the earth can’t counter. And the confidence you find will grow louder

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