Password not found

At one point I swear I was into you but u say the password wasn’t found.
Peering into your soul to long ago but my passion ebbed and no longer abound.
But it comes time again to sign in and strike up the band
And your credentials say to me this is a foreign land.
Messaging the password was not found.

You don’t remember me as my signature vestige.                                                                     My mind did not enthrall you nor did my visual image.                                                      Likely the condescending bark or my nibbling bite.                                                                That changed your credentials from allowing me the right.

Do not forbode me the opportunity to revisit the site that a password was requested. I’m certain at one point I liked your content but I went to another to ferment. So when your message says my footprint is not likely, it is really because your tracking is unsightly. So it makes me pause and apt to say, “You really want me to just go away.

So when you email to say visit more, I will treat your message as when I tried to open the door. Password not found.