Evel Knievel

Evel was the real deal. Evel could do no wrong. Walenda siblings high wire in New York to a million strong. But Evel would do his daredevil acts in the middle of nowhere. And do it for one network without any social fanfare.

There wouldn’t be coverage from the morning shows thereafter. About the move he had done 25 times in front of a mirror. He would put on his superfly suit in American colors and let it rip across a canyon. Or jump 50 semis into a waiting ring of fire. My memory may not recall everything or jumble things together.

His hair would stay in place the a Brill cream solution in tow. His face looked like he smoked 50 cigarettes in a row. The voice didn’t speak volumes but the eyes yelled at me. They said you need to watch because nobody said I could. And even if I fail, I still feel I would.

And then he would move onto the next harrowing act of lunacy. And he disappeared without a trace as my mind remembered loosely. And now its recalled because the Walenda kids are back, on my Monday morning screen, and kind of feels wack.

I am resigned to say good for them, they lived to recount how they triumphed. To a GMA exclusive while a President contemplates war. It harkens back to a simpler time when lying was also en vogue. And love was the answer and the question was would Evel live to consummate the deal?

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