Bol Deux

His Father was Manute Bol. He was primarily a “player” for the Golden State Warriors supporting the players of RUN TMC. He probably played soccer better than basketball, even at his 7’7″ height. The attraction was the wing span and not the girth, and certainly not the mobility. But not being a basketball also meant not having the trappings of being a basketball player.

He allowed his Head Coach to change his navigation to the homebase of the key to the barren desert of the three point line. He was not a basketball mostly because he could not shoot, from 3 feet, much less from 30.  But there were strategic purposes of allowing a Tim Hardaway more room to apply his craft in the hole. And there were entertainment purposes of allowing the fans to cheer for this humble athlete, over and over again. And there was the huge ego of their coach with his thirst to test conventional basketball wisdom to reshape the game.

And now his son is in the NBA. People should not focus on where Bol Bol was drafted in 2019. They should focus on where he came from, who sired him and his Father’s history, and the enormous skills he has. He has been given the gift of less pressure, much like his Father had. He even went one of the few places where, like Hawaii, his Dad’s head coach could visit and enjoy a smoke without impunity. He has the ability to treasure how unlikely a journey his Father made to be an athlete in arguably the best sport going.

And he will only be known for being a second in one respect, moving forward.