Baseball is broken

It takes me back to when investors wanted to relocate the San Francisco Giants a third time to Florida back in the 90s. The reason baseball had to create the then Tampa Bay Devil Rays was because the misguided Giants owner at the time, Bob Lurie, was done and so were the fans with him.

Luckily Magowan, Shorenstein and countless investors saved the team, enthused the fanbase with Barry Bonds until Pac Bell park was built, with championships to follow. They are the survivors. The renamed Rays, the Expos, and the Marlins are not.

The Marlins don’t draw. The now Rays don’t draw. And the Expos didn’t draw. And now the Rays are exploring sharing games with Montreal, where the Marlins team was conceived by a fraud owner? And if they tried and it doesn’t work, does one city the bag like Seattle holds the memories of the Supersonics”

How does this conjecture even serve a purpose? It drums up the mistakes of the past, not celebrating the possibilities of the future. There are plenty of poorly run franchises that are not helped by the slow death of baseball. Like climate change. It’s coming and the leaders don’t want to recognize it or get in front of it.

The alternative is just to move a franchise, like the Expos to South Florida. But it was proven that the city was not the symptom but the majority owner and the business. The rich are as few as the fanbases that follow them. There are too many games, too many minutes in the games, and too little reason to watch the games. And that is in the case in either Tampa Bay or Montreal.

Soccer use to be the sport that couldn’t hold the attention but they have slowly taken that same attention from baseball in the United States. Baseball is broken and running away never fixes problems.