Peace and Quiet

I don’t want to talk politics, especially being in Florida where POTUS started his reelection campaign this past night. And I don’t want to speak about religion. I just want peace and quiet. I don’t have a cross to bare. I just want to hibernate like a bear in the presence of a cross.

The sanctity of worship doesn’t have to inhabit every soul at every minute. It can be a source of relief to the noise, inside and out, the grind that doesn’t involve caffeine and the dreams that still have not come true. It can be in the here and now, in the moment, in the solitude with no interference and can have four corners and not wheels stuck in traffic for one hour, one way.

People are repelled if I suggest just approaching the aisle without touching shoulders with a congregation. We do not have to talk and we do not have to communicate. We just need to breath, to decompose and to put our deviousness down as well as the devices that cause such consternation. It acts as the safe haven to the feelings of self and others. Why does there have to be motive?

The reason is, I want to go somewhere that gives me the freedom of non expression that relieves me non-atomically. Especially now that the library has limited hours.