The cheers to Kevin Durant

Everybody knows his name. And everybody knows his game. The initial crowd reaction from the loudest bowels,  to Kevin Durant’s injury on the court during game 5 in Toronto, was abhorrent. The cheers to the befallen was disgraceful. For what we are spoon fed about Canadians in the media, it was clearly unexpected. But the media has also fed fans, rightly or wrongly,  on the perception of sensitivity with passive aggressive tendencies with Durant. And fanatics don’t like those apparent unseemly negative aspects of his character and they had a chance to lash out.

Jordan never spoke out of turn. Magic always flashed his smile. But for every Larry Bird, there was a Kareem, a Lebron, and a Durant. who show emotions beyond the quote. To protect the richness of opinion to the point of using burner accounts. But this is not a new development in the landscape of the NBA. Kareem Abdul Jabbar was never afraid of breaking bread with strong personalities that defined societal realms. Lebron James has taken the media in his own hands, making a production conglomerate to espouse the visions of his heart and circle.

The fans cheering the befallen Kevin Durant last night were not happy for the perceived outcome of victory for the Raptors. It was an expression of negativity toward a superstar who is rich in talent, dollars, vanity, opinions, and emotions. And those are many qualities misunderstood to jealous people in the stands who are unable or incapable to be blessed with so much.