Summer of swimming

When it’s the back nine in one’s life, it should not be referred as winter. Instead, the season of content as the end nears should be the time that brings comfort away from shelter and the obstruction of chaotic interruptions. Fortunately June is upon us and summer is here.

In South Florida, the trade off of getting out of the house also threatens to sequester us in the confines of the confined. So, the pledge is every day that hurricane gust winds to not threaten the tranquility of body and mind, each step outside is a victory. And with that step should be an additional paddle, because the water beckons as well as cures.

Swimming should be a prioritized event to anybody living in South Florida. If you don’t know how, learn. If you do not like it, grin and bear it. And if the heavens have blessed you with the inspired feeling of accomplish, embrace it for all it is worth. And the exertion in the mind will quickly be a thing in the past.

More to follow, more to glean, but for now my mind is clean.

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