Social reach out via chat

It is clear that having a live chat gives a website a better opportunity to connect with their online customers. One of the advantages of having chat is the ability to use it as an offering on social marketing, with a automatic survey for them to act immediately online. :


Chat Window

In addition to a trackable phone number, the chat option gives advantages that voice may not:

  • Get more information

Finding more information on the front end gives the business a both the advantage of knowing how to pattern the answers and the understanding the consumer is intrigued to know more information.

  • The buyer remains in control

The customer is less likely to act if they are not in control. With the chat option, they can ask what they want, engage at their leisure and leave without regrets,

  • The customer retains discretion

In addition to the control, the customer can remain anonymous, If the business is able to make their value case, the buyer may reveal more information. The buyer commits nothing if they decide to move along.

  • Chat message better than voicemail

If the unfortunate happens and the connection is not made initially, a chat message is more likely to be  left by the potential client and reviewed by the business.

If you have not come around to having a chat on your website and have questions, queue me up at @sobehotel for additional questions and growth hacks.