The original recipe of secrecy


The Chicago Tribune has a not so secret recipe to get some readers; reveal a secret recipe from a time honored, old school fast food chain.Having lucked upon the Kentucky Fried Chicken original 11 herbs and spices voiced from the loose larynx of a nephew of Harlan Sanders (the Colonel), the media outlet capitalized and put out the information for the people to try.

I don’t have any stock in Yum Brands nor hold a grudge on a newspaper conglomerate getting an opportunity to make money but who is the whole “recipe reveal” directed to? Do the Millennials care about KFC original recipe chicken? Are they dropping their technology and entering the room that serves more as party central than anything else? Most people I believe will identify with what follows if they scroll down: Rick Bayless pretending to be Napoleon Dynamite preparing a tasty bass? Or beer? Or burgers? Is the recipe reveal a cheap trick to get to the real good stuff of the previous century?

Why do we marginalize what made businesses great just to publicize the sloppy secondary stories? Who rushed home to concoct the special sauce of McDonald’s to put on their homemade burger?How is the lab in basement producing the house brew of Coca Cola when that recipe escaped to the public?
As we move toward Labor Day Weekend, we honor the men and women who fought and continue to fight for this country. Does the freedom we enjoy automatically give us the autonomy to expose every secret we get our hands on? Do we always have to take the easy way? My memories say to leave enough alone and just get a bucket of chicken and a large coke in protest and uphold the original recipe of secrecy.