Social reach out via chat

It is clear that having a live chat gives a website a better opportunity to connect with their online customers. One of the advantages of having chat is the ability to use it as an offering on social marketing, with a automatic survey for them to act immediately online. :


Chat Window

In addition to a trackable phone number, the chat option gives advantages that voice may not:

  • Get more information

Finding more information on the front end gives the business a both the advantage of knowing how to pattern the answers and the understanding the consumer is intrigued to know more information.

  • The buyer remains in control

The customer is less likely to act if they are not in control. With the chat option, they can ask what they want, engage at their leisure and leave without regrets,

  • The customer retains discretion

In addition to the control, the customer can remain anonymous, If the business is able to make their value case, the buyer may reveal more information. The buyer commits nothing if they decide to move along.

  • Chat message better than voicemail

If the unfortunate happens and the connection is not made initially, a chat message is more likely to be  left by the potential client and reviewed by the business.

If you have not come around to having a chat on your website and have questions, queue me up at @sobehotel for additional questions and growth hacks.

Arian fosters hope for Dolphin fans


He navigates through holes almost always in a downward plane, shifting but always in control. He appears at normal speed until hands start grabbing more air than jersey. This is new look that Arian Foster is giving Dolphin fans that still peak through the rubble of the last two decades. As with all Fin things, nothing in the future is promised except the ability to believe if one chooses.

Thursday’s preseason game against the Falcons gave the believer hope, with the cameo appearance of a reluctant star in Foster. He doesn’t shout his name to the rafters on social media (@feeno) and he doesn’t gyrate when his bread breaks the plane of the goal line, only clasping his hands in quick reflection. He is smooth with purpose. He catches the ball with grace and turns upfield with force, two qualities last year’s starter, former Hurricane Lamar Miller, could not do with any consistency.

Consistency is one of the more admirably traits about the former Tennessee Vol, although his detractors will point his consistent lack of playing time over the recent years. Miller and Foster replace one another at the other’s previous primary residence and there is reason both houses decided to let the other walk. If talent alone was the factor, Arian Foster is still with the Texans. A former rushing champion and core offensive component along with another former Miami Hurricane, Andre Johnson, Foster consistently had to make lightly skilled quarterbacks appear competent in competition. The only time Lamar Miller could make that claim was against the Jets in Rex Ryan’s final game two years ago, and the Dolphins still lost the game.

But the perception of possible skill erosion, injuries, and age make Miller the more valued commodity, outside of the South Florida arena known for Hard Rock, less so hard knocks. Foster will hear the ghosts of Knowshon Moreno and his horse tears until he proves his durability over the 2016/17 season. Two bad Achilles can cancel each other out if Foster carries the previous anemic Dolphin offense.

Arian Foster will be appreciated off the field in South Florida if he stays athletically whole, a curious parallel to Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. His candor is refreshing and filled with intelligence on a wide variety of subjects. His quotes are not God given nor produced from a machine but from the soul and, when he chooses to enlighten, he is very engaging. With Dwayne Wade creating a star void by leaving for Chicago, Foster could push a shining stake on Biscayne Boulevard, if he chooses.

Only Adam Gase is a more intriguing newcomer to this Dolphin organization than Foster, if only because a talented head coach has been lacking even longer than a decent starting tailback.

Foster will make Gase’s even smarter than his dumb predecessors if his hands cradle the football during competition. Dolphin’s fans can only hope we experience his postgame game 16 times this year.

The original recipe of secrecy


The Chicago Tribune has a not so secret recipe to get some readers; reveal a secret recipe from a time honored, old school fast food chain.Having lucked upon the Kentucky Fried Chicken original 11 herbs and spices voiced from the loose larynx of a nephew of Harlan Sanders (the Colonel), the media outlet capitalized and put out the information for the people to try.

I don’t have any stock in Yum Brands nor hold a grudge on a newspaper conglomerate getting an opportunity to make money but who is the whole “recipe reveal” directed to? Do the Millennials care about KFC original recipe chicken? Are they dropping their technology and entering the room that serves more as party central than anything else? Most people I believe will identify with what follows if they scroll down: Rick Bayless pretending to be Napoleon Dynamite preparing a tasty bass? Or beer? Or burgers? Is the recipe reveal a cheap trick to get to the real good stuff of the previous century?

Why do we marginalize what made businesses great just to publicize the sloppy secondary stories? Who rushed home to concoct the special sauce of McDonald’s to put on their homemade burger?How is the lab in basement producing the house brew of Coca Cola when that recipe escaped to the public?
As we move toward Labor Day Weekend, we honor the men and women who fought and continue to fight for this country. Does the freedom we enjoy automatically give us the autonomy to expose every secret we get our hands on? Do we always have to take the easy way? My memories say to leave enough alone and just get a bucket of chicken and a large coke in protest and uphold the original recipe of secrecy.

The Notorious returns in UFC 202

When first hearing about the force of nature that is Conor McGregor, one has to make sure the name his correct. Fortunately, “Colin” McGregor  had not been discovered as of yet and the options came back in a flash flood of information. McGregor may not be poet laureate that Cassius Clay was during his heyday however his wit and vocal delivery keep the attention of the average sports fan and the appetite for continuous UFC developments.

There is no doubt that Conor McGregor is a self made man with a talent in fighting that is only surpassed by determination. Since turning pro in 2008, McGregor has a 20-3 record with 18 wins by KO. Jose Aldo was previously the only competitor in the featherweight division that he had not towered over. .14 seconds later, that was a wrap on the featherweight division.

Enter the brash Nate Diaz, from Stockton, CA, whose volley of verbal sparring is centrally profane. After a convincing win in their first encounter, McGregor and Diaz entertained with a likely fight of the year bout that awarded the Notorious a vengeful win and assured a trilogy to break the tie.

The Notorious clearly relishes change and pivots was well out the octagon as in.  With all of the superlatives that can be attested from McGregor’s performances, other factors have collided to make this mighty warrior a media giant:

Being white: The color does have privileges, unintended as they may be in some instances starting with the comparison with the now retired Floyd Mayweather. Any action by Pretty Boy Floyd has, over time, automatically directed the media to automatically shed light the negative missteps he has taken (of which there are many). Both clearly are cultivating an image of invincibility however, at this point, they are viewed differently by the media and the consuming public. Part of this is the perception of the fights they have chosen to participate in, with Mayweather being the more selective and McGregor taking on all comers. Both act in a sexist manner, while Mayweather took it a step further and spending jail time for beating a woman. Jealousy and envy reign because Mayweather remained undefeated and the best fighter in the world, ESPY’s be damned. But a dominant white fighter who also verbally turns a phrase and injects humor? This is almost been non-existent to the Millennials, much less any generation. The obviously spellbinded media and public are gorging on this comet while it still shines bright.

Being outrageous: Many were introduced to the exploits of Conor McGregor when he performed larceny on Irish soil and stole Jose Aldo’s championship belt during March’s UFC 189 press conference in Dublin, Ireland. A phenomenon going viral has to have a large and incentivized community on behind it. Unlike the rabid fans typically seen watching European soccer, the fanatics have gravitated toward the singular image of “The King” of UFC. McGregor has clearly embraced this and offers it as gravitas toward the manner he prepares for his fights and communicates with the public.

The press conferences with Nate Diaz ratcheted up his commentary,, comparing his opponent to a gazelle. For Diaz/McGregor 2, a WWE style brawl of water bottles ensued after a late entrance by McGregor to the UFC 202 press conference inflamed Diaz and his camp. Like Muhammad Ali, McGregor goes for the verbal jugular by damaging the soul of his opponents pre-fight before the physicalality takes over during the fight.

Being validated: When Ronda Rousey was the most dominant force in UFC, the only thing that excited her more than a victory was being clearly amused by the highlighted answers by McGregor during this UFC question/answer session.

Ronda Rousey, overlooking the sexist overtones, showed her appreciation of McGregor’s branded confidence injected with humor. The 2015 ESPY Female of the Year, herself doing an exhaustive media tour prior to Invicta, channeled her respect to the UFC fans and humanized the sarcastic bites of McGregor.

The UFC Ultimate Fighter brand of show business was not an option until we learned of the frailty of this social media fireball. Once blood flowed from the eyebrow and vulnerability was exposed during UFC 196, Diaz went for the kill and victorious. Blood flowed more evenly in UFC 202 and a rebirth is assured for Colin McGregor and, as long as he wins, the public will always be at attention seeking more Irish nourishment in their UFC diet.

Stop building and fix Miami Metrorail


The world is full of builders and there are quite a few in South Florida. Monday greeted the reader with more building projects detailing the increasing demand for smaller housing for the millennials unwilling or unable to purchase a home. The article speaks to three separate examples, two in Miami, of “chic affordability” with great locations for public displaying of public displays. For cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago and others with accessible public transportation, that’s great. But for South Florida, not so much.  And the current & prospective government leaders of South Florida are as reluctant to improve Metrorail as a millennial purchasing a home.

When you search “Regalado on Traffic”, the prominent Mayoral candidate Raquel Regalado has a full page dedicated to the transportation issue. What you’ll find is a promise for a more detailed plan and nothing about Metrorail. Consequently, nothing from Carlos Gimenez,  incumbent Mayor of Miami, speaking about public transportation, only something from January talking about how Uber (?) will help (doesn’t that add traffic?).

So when the targeted millennial considers a living space made for their way of life, they also have to consider what happens when they exit the premises. The limitations of getting anywhere on Metrorail, which means they commit to owning, renting, or leasing a car. So, to sign on the dotted line, they have to purchase car insurance in a no-fault state with some of the highest rates in the country. After that, they get to be packed like sardines like the rest of those unfortunate South Floridians who drive to work because this train is not a ticket to ride. At least the weather is nice while you are stuck in traffic.  So who are the builders of the proposed biggest Mall in the United States fooling?

So when talking about a mall of epic proportions we are talking families traveling, not shopping on Amazon. This is/was (what happened to this since January?) where days could be spent and tourism would be a prime motivator. But if the reader does a CTRL-F for the word “train”, they will find the word “strain” used in the sentence “…how much the developments would strain nearby highways and roads.” Of course the builder had no comment when asked about this crucial part of the equation. It’s not the responsibility of the builder to speak on traffic concerns. So who speaks for the public? Those affected financially by development.

Like Miami Beach, who filed a “friend of the court” brief in a suit by Genting to get legal clearance to operate a casino at the old Miami Herald site. Of course they are concerned about traffic just like the politicians who snookered the public on Miami Marlins stadium.

One reason millennials are not buying property anymore is because it isn’t only about the property anymore. It’s about being flexible outside of 400 square feet and having a transportation system that works at their disposal. Why would they lock in when there is a whole world outside of South Florida with better transportation options offering the same 400 square feet.

White vans can’t jump

These funky laws, with the nerve to restrict my ability to write and text while I’m driving? I’m really one of the few that obey, the obedient, caring about my fellow individuals. I could record in the phone or use that Dragon program, but whatever. I am driving that usual haul that many do, the 25 to 54 mile, one way, demographic to work. This commute will train your mind to focus, not wander, on specific things that annoy the system like good Adam Sandler movies (where you actually have to compliment him when he has a one. Still waiting.). For instance, when driving in downtown San Francisco, there were the buses. Battery Street can only hold one per block so, of course, there are three in a row during rush hour. You accommodate the delays with thoughts of planes, trains, and faster automobiles. In South Florida, every day is Halloween and the bus is wearing the costume of either a landscaping truck or a white van.

The streets have no name here unless they are the dignified Jose Marti or a little less dignified Jose Canseco. But the vehicle rain delays are named landscaping trucks. Firstly, all South Florida drivers do not know where they are going. GPS is not functional here unless looking for the next U-turn. So, with that challenge, landscaper trucks always have the pony carriage in the back with the equipment, making them slower. Additionally, the workers inevitably riding in the bed of the truck scream at your sense like a drill sergeant barking, “Fall back soldier!”. They are slower than molasses on the street so, if they touch tread on the highway, oy vey. Which leads to the white vans.

Why are these vehicles always in the left lane, also known as the fast lane? It’s called either irrational confidence or just dumb, usually the other. Or was white van taught at a different driving school, where the instruction is to only text and look for directions in the far left? When you see a lot of white vans on the highway, prepare for a game of 80s “Frogger”. Jump, dodge, right, right, left, straight, left, dodge. Miami loves service and the only moving object more prevalent than a White Van here is the native cockroach. Why think drugs when seeing the white van? Driving slow, making erratic moves as they reconfigure directions or just being the non-descript white van.

I never see white vans having flat tires, engine trouble, or any assortment of problem that temporarily stops their goal of impeding traffic. Landscaping trucks are always on the side of the road but usually working. For people to work outside during the summer, sweating and sun and Zika? I delay the traffic thinking how I wouldn’t last five minutes doing the same thing. The workers in the white vans are usually painting in the heat or fixing an appliance that entails listening to an idiot explain the problem then crawling into a crevice littered with rodent feces or insect wings.

Maybe landscaping trucks and white vans aren’t bad after all and, maybe, it is just a way to vent about a place where there is no reason to vent. Living in South Florida is a pleasure, even if you have to endure or enjoy it a slower than you want.