Social reach out via chat

It is clear that having a live chat gives a website a better opportunity to connect with their online customers. One of the advantages of having chat is the ability to use it as an offering on social marketing, with a automatic survey for them to act immediately online. : Example: In addition to aContinue reading “Social reach out via chat”


Arian fosters hope for Dolphin fans

He navigates through holes almost always in a downward plane, shifting but always in control. He appears at normal speed until hands start grabbing more air than jersey. This is new look that Arian Foster is giving Dolphin fans that still peak through the rubble of the last two decades. As with all Fin things,Continue reading “Arian fosters hope for Dolphin fans”

The original recipe of secrecy

The Chicago Tribune has a not so secret recipe to get some readers; reveal a secret recipe from a time honored, old school fast food chain.Having lucked upon the Kentucky Fried Chicken original 11 herbs and spices voiced from the loose larynx of a nephew of Harlan Sanders (the Colonel), the media outlet capitalized andContinue reading “The original recipe of secrecy”

The Notorious returns in UFC 202

When first hearing about the force of nature that is Conor McGregor, one has to make sure the name his correct. Fortunately, “Colin” McGregor  had not been discovered as of yet and the options came back in a flash flood of information. McGregor may not be poet laureate that Cassius Clay was during his heydayContinue reading “The Notorious returns in UFC 202”

Stop building and fix Miami Metrorail

The world is full of builders and there are quite a few in South Florida. Monday greeted the reader with more building projects detailing the increasing demand for smaller housing for the millennials unwilling or unable to purchase a home. The article speaks to three separate examples, two in Miami, of “chic affordability” with great locationsContinue reading “Stop building and fix Miami Metrorail”