Not about the money is not money

In the Summer of 2010, there were three basketball players one singular question: Has the organization you play for done enough to win a championship?  For two of the three, the answer was no. The one who held the championship also held the sway and the respect of his franchise and the Big Three wasContinue reading “Not about the money is not money”


Wade and Trump and the respect factor

Tonight’s ESPN Sunday Conversation, a network staple, will tell the Dwayne Wade story, circa 2016 and will repeat it throughout the week. It is not the story of “Flash”, earning respect from Shaquille O’Neal and winning his first championship. It is not the story of using that earned respect and collecting two Hall of Famers fromContinue reading “Wade and Trump and the respect factor”

The Wade discount to the Bulls

When the ugliest sports vernacular like “discounts” and “it’s a business” have been uttered in South Florida, it’s a Dwayne Wade and Miami Heat tussle. It isn’t the Miami Dolphins because they pay full price and it isn’t the Miami Marlins because they don’t pay anything. It could only mean Dwayne Wade and the Heat.Continue reading “The Wade discount to the Bulls”